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Novembe 2013



Welcome to the last month of the year and what a year it has been.  If anything,  Unit ‘life’ has indeed become more busy keeping all four of us on our toes with frequent departures from what we had planned in the first place at the start of a day.

We started off with the foaling down of Blackie to Micaela, ‘rescued’ by the Unit from her owner who clearly did not worry too much about her.  Blackie is currently under treatment, veterinarian advised, and we hope that in the not too distant future, he will be well on the way to complete recovery.

Nicky arrived from England to spend some time with us before going onto Highveld Horse Care Unit for the balance of her months Leave.  It was great to have that extra pair of hands and other than the ‘protests’ outside the premises, we hope she enjoyed herself seeing ‘life’ from our side.  (We certainly were embarrassed to have the ‘protests’ going on and tried to prevent any visitors from being subjected to the same!)

Nicky had great fun with us trying to catch, halter and load two stray donkey jennies that had residents up in arms, especially with a busy road nearby with early morning traffic.   Thank you to Madeleine who managed to keep them safe until we got there.  But it really was a wild west show.  As nobody has claimed the two girls, they are now available for adoption.

The Humansdorp monthly Field Trip had 22 horses and 3 donkeys inspected, including Leila’s beautiful new foal, Flash, who really is quite ‘flashy’.  Due to regular basic care like deworming and devoted human owners, Leila is also looking good.  Various items of much needed tack supplied, some dewormings and 5 new patients rounded up and dealt with.

As our old horsebox ramp spring had finally giving up the ghost, Daaiman, a donkey from Airport Valley had to be walked from home to the Unit with a bad rope burn to a hind leg.  After regular treatment at the Unit he is healing well and should return home shortly.

Bubbles was born at the Unit and because she really is just that, bubbly, she was named accordingly!

My home computer where I do Unit work any time from 4.30 to 7.30 in the morning decided that it needed some TLC and was taken in, meaning that the Unit Facebook page and all my emails were unattended to for a couple of days – and we have been trying to catch up ever since!  After ‘treatment’ by Computer Bits and Pieces, it was like getting into a new car and trying out the accelerator and finding ‘speed’ by the bucket load!

A donkey jack having been returned home post gelding some weeks before, returned to the Unit with Tetanic symptoms and the owner requested euthanasia on seeing his animal in such distress.  Such a sad day for a longtime ‘friend’.

Over the past year, Harvest Christian School have brought their 40 Grade 4’s to interact with the donkeys almost every month.  The children have gone from squeals of fright to squeals of pleasure.  And the donkeys have enjoyed the treats they bring.   Thank you to the parents and teachers who have facilitated these visits and for the regular cash donations to Unit activities.  We wish all the Grade 4’s everything of the best in Grade 5.

And then we finally got ‘it’!   And not a minute too soon.  We collected our beautiful Equine Ambulance.  Our sincere thanks go to the contributors who made donations towards its purchase:  Villa Felice Stud, Dave Skinner Optomotrists, The Racing Association, Phumelela Gaming, New Turf Carriers, Xposure Marketing (who also set up the gorgeous signage), 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic, Holiday Puzzles Port Alfred and Doculam.  We also thank Metrosign for preparing and application of the signage as well as NGB Bodyworks for a reduced price to respray the Horsebox

17 donkeys with their carts and owners attended the Grahamstown Donkey Clinic in our new clean area.  Two donkeys were found to be requiring more intensive care for their wounds and were collected in due course,  the one jack having been caught up in barbed wire and the other with an unhealing wound on his neck.  11 donkeys had remedial work done to their hooves by Ayanda.

Stanley headed north to Transkei and in total approximately 320 horses (and a few donkeys and mules) over a few days, were inspected, hooves trimmed, wounds assessed and treatment given or at least instructions given as to prevention or treatment and relevant tack disbursement.  In general, Stanley believes that things are improving for the equines that are brought to him for his help.  He is receiving unqualified support from the top, i.e. from the King and Chiefs, as well as the equine owners.   And, is even being invited to inspect and recommend improvements to ‘race tracks’ for the benefit of the equines.   His knowledge having been extended with information gleaned from the National Horseracing Authority, two Veterinarians and Stipendiary Stewards.    Thank you all for your willingness to ‘share’ information - the horses are the winners.

Our Booysens Park donkey owner called to request that we collect his jenny and new born foal to stay until the foal is a lot steadier on its hooves.  Due to previous experience with township dogs, he was instructed to get rid of the afterbirth as soon as possible.  He followed it up a day or so later with a call to collect his other jenny that had received a wound to her hind tendon during ‘protests’.

We returned 2 Jennies and 1 Jack to their township owner having brought them in some months ago for Protective Custody.   Goodness, our camps were starting to look rather bare!

On the last Friday of the month, we were asked to collect a ‘sick’ donkey from the township and the whole story ended up in tears, literally.  The jenny was, as was found after she had died in the horsebox, suffering from the inability to foal down with a pre term foal (dystocia), and dying before we could get her Veterinary help.  At exactly the same time, we had 4 donkeys in Heugh Road at 6th Avenue.  Our thanks go to Bridget and Wayne who ‘cornered’ them and then assisted us to get them all back over the road to where the owner was instructed to find them!


TACK:  Bridget, Jeanette, Nicky, Kiara, Jeanine, Cindy, Lauren and Eleanor.

MEDICAL:  SamS and Patrick Happy Horse Co.

FODDER: (grassmix, dried grass, lucerne, oathay = readymix and bales) Jayne, Jean Horse and Hound, Eleanor, Dougal Barn and Yard, A N Other, Sandy and Graziella.

TIME AND MUSCLES, CARROT CAKE AND COFFEE:  MegM and Colin and Mike.  MegM also organised a Halloween Party for her pals and charged them and then donated the ‘takings’ to the Unit.  U r a *, Meg!

SALLYB – donated her monthly bottle of Equiwash.

The last newsletter of the year and accounting to you for our activities will be in January 2014.  We wish you all a very happy Festive Season and to your various equines, kind going and full tummies!


Banking Details:
Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875

Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
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Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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