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JULY 2014



Yoh! Talk about rolling with the punches!  Yet another month in the ‘ring’ with ‘Life’.

Carla joined us on the first day of the month and has had an all-round experience of what our days consist.   Even though she has had a ‘baptism of fire’, she is still with us and wanting to carry on too, nogal!  Well come, Carla, and just in time too!

A jenny from Nobuhle had the owner reaching for the phone for us to assist with her colic.  A quick visit to the Vet, a dose of Epson Salts, the production of a large plastic bag with attached detritus, and a return home.

Our Grahamstown clinic involved 2 dewormings, 3 passports issues, 18 harnesses and 8 bits replaced, orders for 6 bits and bridles, and treatment and cleaning of a horrific hot water burn wound on a hindquarter done.  Followed by:   Committees Drift – 4 dewormings and four handmade bits replaced with proper donkey bits and two bridles.

One of our Walmer Carties, Patrick, was due back in hospital but asked if we could look after his donkeys and cart while he was away because he wanted them safe and ‘not playing in the traffic’. Wise man and one of better Carters – doesn’t whip or cut ears or anything ‘funny’.

Thanks to his friend, an owner released his collapsed donkey from Kwanobuhle that was collected but alas it was too late for his resuscitation.   Followed by his second donkey with colic that was found 5 days too late leading to the inevitable twist.  A bit like a cat ‘hiding’ when sick.

One of our adoptive parents had to make a hard decision and requested our help for their much loved, but unwell, aged, pony, but included an offer of a home for a donkey to replace him and to be a companion animal to another one of our ‘children’.  When we last spoke, Micaela was weaving her magic on Titch and the rest of the family.  Thank you Anne and Amy!

At the request of the owner in far off Ciskei, a day was set aside to go and ‘put him out of his mangey misery’ donkey.  Thank you Dave and Sonja and Ayanda for a ‘hard’ days work.

Our Stanley, who had been suffering from leg and back pain for some time was admitted to hospital on the recommendation of my Special Chiropractor for suspected bone cancer.  We miss him so much and he is having all the arduous tests done so we hope that he will return to us, sound in wind and limb, in the not too distant future.

Due to the changing of the towing regulations, the Unit directors approved the purchase of a new bakkie that duly was delivered.  XPOSURE MARKETING handled the signage at no cost.  Thank you Chris and Byron!

A Walmer township donkey was collected as he had collapsed.  A Vet check revealed no reason and no illness.  We brought him home, and gave him a nice warm bed in the pen where he would not be bullied by the other boy donkeys.  It took three days for him to recover from exhaustion and get up unaided by human hands. Unit Groom Alfred read the now ex owner the Riot Act and chased him off the premises! Subsequently released to the Unit and available for rehoming. (And he is a great singer tooo!)

Madiba Day at the Unit saw close to a hundred people over the stretch of the day visiting to donate their R67 in lieu of a ‘birthday gift’ for Madiba or to buy a cup of coffee with a treat added.  Also included were many, many bags of carrots for the horses and donks – and many took the time to do the actual carroting too – and a bale of grassmix.  It was good to see so many folk that we don’t often see or pass along the road.  MY Police Station were first to arrive with carrots for the equines as well as dog and cat food that was presented to AWS Manager Hannes. Dankie, mense!  SO.  Well done to MegM for her great gesellige idea and for baking cookies, along with other folk who brought their cheese muffins, muffins, cakes and to her husband Colin for assisting with the counting of the donations and getting them ready for banking on Saturday morning.   R1987 is NOT to be snorted at at any time!  Thank you to to Isabella and Treloar for ‘mucking in’ and doing the logistics and Ayesha for the fb page pics!

Getting caught up in a Stock Theft in action did not go down well, but the owner of the three cows advised as to where they were and were promptly taken in by a kind hearted neighbor until the owner could collect them and take them home!  Crime Prevention at its best!

Through one way and another, we have a number of horses currently at the Unit Available for adoption:  Valkyrie, Tallahassee, Lundys Warrior.  We also have donkeys Cici and son, Peanut, Natal – who sings so beautifully, and Bhuti.

The 2014 SOS Trail Run with a few exciting changes was launched by Sharon Jessop of BootcampSA to be held on 31 August at Fairview Race Course, which of course, is very appropriate.  Sharon puts a vast amount of work in these Trail Runs, and is very active in setting it all up.  Entry forms are available from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or sms 0723572505 your email address and we will forward them to you.

The Unit was called at 7.30 one evening by the Ward Councillor and a paramedic with an Ambulance Response Unit to say there had been a terrible accident on Mission Road and could we please attend.   Ayanda and the horsebox were collected post haste and Carla and Grant and Michael all pitched up at the same time at the right place.  The cart, three donkeys, driver and kids on the back, had been hit from behind by alleged drunk  bakkie driver.  But the Cartie should not have been on the road at all at that time – IDIOT! All humans had been taken to hospital by the time we got there but there was simply no way to solve the one donkeys’ problem – disemboweled but released rapidly from his pain.   Quite a grizzly scene all told.  We requested one of our other Carties in the area to find the other two donkeys that had disappeared into the township which he managed to do a day later.  The two had some scrapes and bumps but were very lucky to have escaped with such small damage, considering the damage to the third donkey.

Then, another organisation’s Inspector advised that he had an AHS donkey in Kwanobuhle.  We collected the donkey and went and had the necessary State blood collection done for analysis by OP.  We are still waiting for the paperwork, but have been advised that it was neither AHS or EEV.

A regular generous donation of nylon webbing for our Unit made harnessing was collected.  Thank you, kind Sir!

A bit closer to home, one of our Friends found her horse with ‘choke’.  This is not something we are trained or authorised to treat so the recommendation was made to call in her Veterinarian.

A complaint about the neighbouring horses  breaking through a fence and scoffing a whole wodge of veggies was referred to the NMMM Animal Control Unit to explain the need for ‘boundaries’ and fences making for good neighbours!

This past month the PE public has been subjected to two more service delivery protests in the nearby township and this causes huge problems for the morning rush hour into town.  It also affects the animals.  So on returning from taking an adopted horse out, we were phoned to say there were two donkeys in Greenshields Park looking lost.  We went and found them looking ‘worried’ and they turned out to be our two Friends Daisy and Nestle who were probably on their way to us but were diverted by the fires and people in the protest.  They loaded like lambs and were very happy to have been found.

The two Curly girls, bought from a township owner and  who have been staying with us while their new home was being prepared for them, were taken to their new home, knee high grass and all.

The HQ AUGUST Magazine has featured the Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit as well as the Coastal Horse Care Unit and we thank them for the opportunity to get our messages across.


Feed: Cawood - 2 bags African Feed via AWS, Tavcor - 10 bales Lucerne, Stuart - 5 bales of Lucerne from their promo.

Tack:  PE Saddlery collection bin, Olivia Bernstein via Treloar, via AWS - 4 horseblankets,  JanineM

Other:  DorrieS - 25 kg Epson Salts. AHS Vaccines, 9th Avenue Vet Clinic – narrow Elastoplast..

Madiba Day  donations in cash and kind  – EleanorW, Cathy Catcare, Marion D, Sharon W, SamS, KatieA, MegM, TraciV, MishaW, Claudia, Ayesha C, LaurenR, RhodaF.

Volunteer groomers – Simone and Cat and Mouse.


Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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