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ECHCU November 2014



Well it has come to THAT time of the year again.  The time where it is the final newsletter of the year as the December news will only go out on January 1, 2015.  OMW, where has the time gone?

I will take this opportunity to thank those generous monthly finance donors who over the year have not skipped a beat and made much of what we do possible:

Peter and Val Fenix, Tersia Ellis, Phumelela Racing, The Racing Association, the Thoroughbred Breeders Association, Race Sponsors and supporters, ECHCU Auction Room fb page active bidders and Administrators, the patrons of, and donors to, the Tack Recycle Shop, Isabella Childs, Rhoda Fourie, Tish Stewart, Jill Lawson, the fodder donors, and all the other folk who pop money direct to the Bank Account without leaving their names!   We can’t work without you – THANK YOU!

Our stray donkey jenny Pop and her foal were delivered a beautiful farm with green rolling hills and a dam, quite a difference from where they came from – Bethelsdorp!

An X ray revealed why Nestle was permanently lame in the hind leg and so Stan did some footwork having looked at the X Ray, and she already seems to be sounder than she was before but it will take some work to keep it that way!

Then Malabar Jenny foaled down with Splinky – a really long legged youngster already ‘taller’ than Charlie Weir.

No sooner had we started the repair on the Grahamstown donkey that had been savaged by dogs, than we received yet another phone call about same owner, same problem, with another of his donkeys.  It was a difficult loading of the live animal that had been cannibalised by dogs and with the Vet’s say-so, he was humanely euthanased.  But the dog problem was not being addressed until Stanley pulled in some of his folk and found someone to do the job once and for all.

Had to have a chuckle one morning when a resident of Jeffreys Bay phoned to pass on the message that there were donkeys in the middle of the road in Walmer and they would not get out of the way either!

You HAVE to love Facebook though.  A reported AHS in nearby Nanaga, that I discounted until such time as the State Vet had given an affirmative result due to the panic that sets in with horse owners.  I had to eat ‘humble pie’ and apologise to the doctor when he confirmed the case shortly after it appeared on our fb page!  But rather that than a full scale panic. And, better still, the horse apparently recovered!

We assisted with the gelding of a stallion that had been ‘left behind’ by the owner so that he could live a normal life with some mares.  The new owner was happy to pay our welfare rate.   We are sure the horse will fill out and be much happier!

Interesting information from the ex owner of Baleka, a Saddler champion Bigima is his sire and his dam is a Schneider Arab and was bred by the SANDF in Angola.  Still available for adoption at 9 months old.

Cartie Jackson from Federation in Walmer township did not hesitate to bring in his two donkey jacks for gelding when we found we had a gap.  They returned home a few days later and I am sure the Cartie will have a quieter time from now on.

My Friend, taking me to a Hospital appointment just happened to mention that she had seen a specific donkey outside Walmer township and that got the alarm bells ringing.  In due course, Stompie and her foal, Domino, were returned from whence they came, much to the relief of their ‘carer’, only to be rehomed shortly thereafter due to landowner issues.  But it was a close run thing! Now happily settled again with more aunties and friends.

As a lot of people are I am sure aware, the Nissan FEI Championships were held at the PE Riding Club during November.   In addition to Nissan’s generous sponsorship of the Show, a Holly the Horse auction was held on the Saturday night and raised an amazing amount of R15,000 for the Unit.  Thank you, Mr Jansen!  We also need to thank Barry and Lorette Knowles Taylor for doing the honours of bringing Holly to PE.   …..and to the PE Riding Club who put on their normal great show, well done and thank you!

A late night call for a horse in a very bad state meant finding out that my eye operation was a success!  I could see clearly! The poor girlie was humanely euthanased that night and following all sorts of ducking and diving by certain officials, Enviroserv stepped in to help us dispose of the carcass free of charge as part of their community responsibility!  Thank you, Sue and Enviroserv!  You rescued us!   Case against the horse owner to be opened shortly.

Followed the next day by a call about two horses in the middle of the New Seaview Road.  The staff pulled together all that day and shortly thereafter, the horses were reunited with their owner.

Stanley received a call about a horse in Transkei with colic and with dispensing of a painkilling injection from the local Veterinarian, the problem was soon solved by another horse owner travelling in his own car to collect the injection and get it back to the suffering horse, and now we have been told that the horse has recovered.

The Grahamstown Donkey Clinic was well attended as usual and aside from the ‘normal’ harness and bridle and bit replacements, wound treatments, footwork and dewormings, an unusual case of a ‘spur’ of hoof wall that jagged into the coronet every time he put his hind hoof down and made him lame to the distress of the owner, was slowly and gently cut away by Ayanda and the last we saw of him, he was trotting down the road with no sign of lameness.  Well done, Ayanda!

While we were in Grahamstown, Stanley collected a donkey from Booysens Park in PE that had suffered a cut to his off fore tendon. It was a sharp object that did the damage.   On our return we took him off to the Vet Clinic where the Vet issued a Euthanasia Certificate because the tendon was severely compromised with little hope of repair, probably human inflicted.

The following day, we returned to the yearly Grahamstown Donkey Carnival that is eagerly awaited and avidly prepared for by all the Carties.  My BFF, Meryl Comyn, who many PE people remember, had gamely accepted the invitation to judge the Carts, donkeys and owners and WHAT a job she did!  Discussing, suggesting – in the nicest way possible – with the Carties and complimenting them where necessary.  It was a great day all round, including the ride I took on a one donkey donkey cart!  Well done to Annerie and Tim for all the preparations you made and well done to the Carties for enjoying their day.  I better say thank you too to the Grahamstown Traffic Police who did a sterling job of guiding the Carnival through town to the picnic and prizegiving.

A Vervet monkey that had decided that the barn was the best place to ‘be’ and who did anything he could to get inside the building, was finally cage trapped (humanely) and removed away from human habitation but not before Ting Ting the Stable Cat and occasional ‘rottweiler’ whalloped him on his way to the exit gate!

6 donkeys on the Addo road were shepherded into a farm by the landowner as she could not handle the thought of either dead donkeys or motorists.   It did not take Stan, Carla and Tom too long to round them up and herd them down the 5km road to the local township.  Well done, Team!   You do what you gotta when there is no other option!

The traumatic morning on the last Friday of November was just that – traumatic.  Calls received about a donkey with a new born foal in Albert Road, Walmer.   On arriving at the scene, I found a bunch of bystanders and Cartie Moses who really knows equines.  I asked him to please see that the foal was not moved while I went to collect the horsebox in order to get ma, foal and uncle to the Vet for assessment.   I assumed, wrongly it turned out, that there had been a collision with a vehicle.  On arriving back at the scene, I found the jenny frantically running down the middle of 5th Avenue, looking for her foal, but thankfully towards the Airport, not the 8am traffic in Heugh Road!  Caught and loaded.  Clearly the foal had been taken by one of the bystanders contrary to my instructions.   The foal, a few hours old, was euthanased due to severe damage to a hind leg and in due course, admitted with her jenny into the crush camp so that the jenny could come to terms with the death of her ‘child’.    A visit to the jenny’s owner did NOT go well!   It was only afterwards that I was told by a tow truck driver that he had found the foal being assaulted by two drunk youths at 6.30 that morning and that he had loaded them into his bakkie and taken them to the Walmer SAPS.   Currently, we are trying to find their names and ID numbers so that a Case can be opened against them.  We have all the necessary witnesses and a whole stream of rage ready to go.

The following day, Ayanda and I headed north again, this time to Berlin to the Premier’s Race for Traditional and Thoroughbred Races.   Mr Sangotsha had done so much to make this event an outstanding one, taking on suggestions from our Stan and putting them in place.   Thousands of spectators and hundreds of horses, many of them Stanley’s ‘patients’ and showing the benefits of deworming and hoofcare.   Well done, Norman, and thank you for your invitation to attend!


Volunteers:  John, Zurika and Lisa and Siobhan who assisted Isabella with sorting out donations.

Fodder:  Nola, A N Other, Jacques – lucerne, Fly Piggy Fly – grassmix, Nicky Grass Roof – lucerne,  Dylan – lucerne, Kathryn BvdM – grassmix, and Brent and Evan who cut their granny’s grass at Sappershoek and that was delivered by Mom and Dad.

Tack:  Tracey -  bliks, brushes, meds, saddle racks, helmets; Amy - horseblanket she had bought from us, used, and now returned while looking for anything else in the shop; Allison – Whispering Winds Livery - tack; Michelle and Danielle – horseblankets;  Heather – horseblankets; Nadia - tack, SallyB – buckets; Flo - tack and MegM – jackets for the staff.  Dorrie – a new racing bridle as a prize for the Berlin meeting.

Cubes:  Claire and Bread: Anne.

And Special Mention:  Luc Hosten for a camera for Carla for Case file pictures.  Thank you, kind sir!

Well, that about does it for November!  Only 24 days to Christmas and 31 days to 2015!  Thank you for taking the time to read this far!



Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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