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Peter and Val, Isabella, Rhoda, Kathy, Tish, Jill, Tersia and Raymond.

It needs to be said here that money donations are NOT used to pay salaries.  These are paid by the National Horse Trust, the Racing Association and the Thoroughbred Breeders Trust.  However, we do need to keep our wheels going around and try to stick to the ‘budget’ we decided in June 2006 and that we still try to do, with varying degrees of success  – R5000 each for Fuel, Fodder and Vet Bills.  Like ALL Charities, we need public funding as no governmental nor municipal funding is received, so in order to keep the wheels turning, even if you do not believe we should ‘do’ donkeys and mules, it would make life a little easier if you made a debit order to the ECHCU, or whatever your chosen charity may be, for R20 up a month.  Many animals would derive a benefit from your generosity.  Bank details at the end of this letter!

So, having got that out of the way at the start, here’s July!

A Northern PE township horse owner was visited with some muti for his horses’ eye that had him most concerned.  Later on in the month, the owner was still not happy with his progress so Noble was collected and taken for a visit to the Vet and then returned home with flymask and other muti.

A Complaint from a passerby found us looking for a ‘thin’ horse.  Shame, poor girly had a wound under the fetlock that had been incorrectly treated leading to massive infection and swelling of the fetlock and hock and serious weight loss due to pain!  The ignorant owner was depending on someone who he thought knew what to do, and found that this was not so.  He agreed to surrender the animal for a medical Assessment by our Veterinarians.  The answer:  Go to God, straight away, do not pass GO.  Previous ownership established and brought to the attention of the Trainer, and a serious request from the erstwhile owner to please inspect his remaining horses every month to ensure that the same thing does not re-occur.  Sorted!

Our beautiful Schneider Arab GIGIMA having returned from Adoption Out, was snapped up shortly after her return by a knowledgeable, kind lady.  We wish you many happy hours together.  Hamba Kakuhle, Gigima!

Another Complaint about a pony that had been purchased on Gumtree, without a prior vetting(!), and was found to be blind and aged when received.  Concern for the remaining horses proved to be not necessary as they were all looking very well indeed.

A man was of the opinion that the donkeys and cart at Kabega Park Transfer site did not have such good harnessing and made the call.   With a little bit of driving around, we actually managed to find Vuyo and will sort out everyone from Lusaka in the not too distant future.

And then the day finally dawned.  The day of the Third and Final Thoroughbred Race Series at Fairview Race Course, attended by our Transkei owners with their Thoroughbreds and of which they are very proud.  We had an early start, taking Friend Ayesha and her splinky camera to the Visitors Boxes for pre-race preparations, where an air of excitement pervaded everybody.   The Race on the Polytrack – a first for the jockeys - went off without any hitches and the overall, best of three Races, winner was Blazing Moon owned by Mr Lottering who just could not keep the smile off his face.  Well done all participants and Thanks to Phumelela! (The term 'bush racing' is highly offensive and very derogatory, so we use the term 'Traditional Racing' which is what it is and has been for over a hundred years!)

It was a good day when Carla returned to work after her Leave.  Whew!

A township owner phoned to say she was concerned about her donkey – he is too thin and she does not want to work him.   So he was admitted for a bit of R and R, deworm, shandy chaff and good fodder.   He has since returned home.

An owner with suspected ringworm on her horses assisted.

Our young ALL TALK left us for her new home and new companion, both human and equine.  She just had to wait that little bit extra to find her niche!

Trouble comes in threes, so it was no surprise that Marta phoned, sobbing so that we could barely understand her.   She was convinced that a human had inflicted such horrible damage to her donkey.  But it turned out that it was dogs!   A neat clean slice above the anus and a grazed tail.  Our Vet was able to do a good stitch job and after two weeks the stitches were removed and Willeman was returned home.

And then a very agitated owner from Humansdorp’s Kruisfontein contacted us.  His horse had been attacked by Pitbulls!  Aaaaargh.  We collected her and admitted her for treatment.  So far, so good.

We are blessed with some very special Volunteers, one of whom decided to take the bull by the horns and get a shelter that we have been talking about for months erected, but there is never enough time, money, energy.   In a short space of time, assisted by Stan, Alfred, Tom, Carla and Ayanda, with some donations towards poles and roofing, we have a shelter in the Girls Camp.  SO well done, and Thank You to SamS!  Quite the ‘mover and hammerer’!

MADIBA DAY 2015 – The once a year celebration of Madiba was set up to be a Live Auction as well as physical assistance with the Shelter roof, but this was cancelled due to the heavy rain.  So the Shelter was incomplete!  That did not stop Colin cooking up a storm with his Bacon and Egg Rolls or stop Treloar from making gallons of coffee or MegM from dishing up the cake!   Those folk who arrived, albeit wet, had a good time and in the process assisted with raising over R2,000.  In addition, R67 cash donations from Ellie, Misha and Jason and NEVER forgetting the 67 bags of EQUUS Safe and Lite via FEED and SEED.   A presentation of Certificates of Appreciation was done to SamS and MegM for their unstinting support to our equines of all sorts, in all sorts of weather too.   Bravo, Ladies!

Well done and thank you to our Dr Pieter for attending to a donkey jenny with dystocia (foal stuck in birth canal). As some of us know, a rapid response is required for this problem. A very relieved friend who had asked for our assistance phoned me a short time later to say that although the foal was born dead, the jenny seemed to be alright. So well done, Sir!

4 Carties belonging to the Walmer Donkey Carters Association formed in 2007 attended a morning at the Unit where they were refitted with harnessing, bits, bridles, dewormed, and tick greased never mind the opportunity to ‘chew the fat’ with Stanley and the other Carties. We spoilt them a bit with some KFC and that brought the sun, and the smiles, out. Walmer township in 2006 was overwhelmed with donkeys and carts, leading to numerous complaints about condition and where the donkeys were. Natural attrition has cut the 50-odd donkeys and 10 Carties down to 5 Carts and about 20 donkeys.

In line with the new AHS vaccination dates, all our horses at the Unit were vaccinated in the last week of August.

….and we thought we were well ahead of things.

Until, 9.15 that night.   Request for assistance with a sick pony in Kwanobuhle, a Uitenhage township.   It sounded like colic so I asked Stanley if he would attend with me.   With a cup of hot chocolate in hand to ward off the icy weather, we went and brought the pony in to see one of our longsuffering and patient Vets in the middle of the night. It turned out that it was a severe case of Biliary, and although given the best treatment, Prince succumbed overnight. Thank you, Dr Johan!

Everything seemed to happen at once as it so often does, so it was back to rapid prioritizing!   Lynx had foaled down over night.   An early morning ‘heads up’ from AWS’ Hannes about a donkey involved in an accident on the other side of Motherwell.  Having established from our SAPS Friend in that area that the road was open and all was quiet, we went and found the dead animal.  It appeared that a long vertical slice across the carotid artery had led to rapid blood loss and death.  What a way to go, a gentle release after the thump of the vehicle.

On the last day of the month, we were happy to attend at Fairview Race Course to present a Certificate of Appreciation to SA Champion Jockey 2014/2015 Mr Gavin Lerena who had made a commitment to give R500 for each winner that he rode in any given centre that has a Horse Care Unit.  The Award was received on his behalf by Andrew Fortune who made a similar challenge to other jockeys.   Well done, Sirs!   AND Thank you ALL so much for your support.

17 Complaints attended to during July besides the many rechecks done during the month.  Sjoe!


. Yvonne – delivered collection tin from her Movie House, Allycat, in Richmond Hill from the love lock chain.  Now closed due to loadshedding!

. A generous sharing of cut grass from a Friend sorted out the munchies for at least a week!

. SamS – a soldering iron – she found ours was broken when wanting to put holes in a halter!

.Renee - lucerne bales with thanks to Owen for organising and Chris for facilitating collection

.Prue – donated girths

.ClaireF- donated tack

. MegM – a bath for water in Girls Camp

.Juanita – donated tack

.AWS – dntd 2 dewormers and 2 wound sprays

.Nola – donation ready mix fodder

.9th Ave Vet Clinic – donated various medications

.Sandy – donated tack received for her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sandy!

.DorrieS – donated tack

.A N Other – donated tack and stable equipment

.Steven – donated 2 bakkie loads lucerne/oathay readymix


. Kelsey, Karla and Kayla from Theo Fairview Security.  Grooming, lunging and garden clean up at lunge ring

.Stephan – for his school project for the day

.Marie Claire and Celine – grooming and exercising our horses available for adoption

.MegM and Colin visit for both morning and afternoon feed ups on weekends, to lend a hand

.MegM and hubby Colin – arrived to put up the caddy on the wall for all the brushes and halters - Neat!


Banking Details:Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)  Account Number: 080733875         Landline:  041 366 1594    Cellph: 072 357 2505
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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