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ECHCU February 2016



We started the month off with collecting one of our donkeys, Hettie, with her charge, orphan Daisy, and delivered them to their new home. Hooves trimmed, dewormed and still in a loving home.

Followed the same day by Moses requesting assistance with his donkey whose tooth had been kicked out by another donkey and was hanging by a piece of skin in his mouth. Taken to the Vet who removed the offending tooth! Empathise as I had a similar problem at the time, just not from a kick!

The lame AWS calf was safely handed over and integrated back into the herd in pouring rain!

A Complaint from Duncan had us both chortling away – he phoned to say ‘there is a donkey trotting down Victoria Drive with a rope around his neck’. Yes, Duncan, that’s Rich on his way in for brekkies! Lol.

A VERY early morning for our grooms who volunteered to assist with getting our Zoggy to Fairview Racecourse and his lift to Johannesburg. He had had his hoofies trimmed by Treloar, gelded by Dr Hilda, Pre Travel drenched by Dr Johan and was ready to go to his anxious buyers in Johannesburg. Loaded well at home and into the transporter in his own special hoekie, with all the Thoroughbreds who did not even know he was there! Arrived safely and now in his special place with other rescue horses and pigs and dogs. Last seen having a Valentines Day ‘shampoo and set’ by a lovely bunch of young ladies! Go well, Zoggymoggywoggy! All costs met by the owners including overtime for the grooms!

After two hours of serious scuffle, we were able to halter and load two stray colts in the Greenbushes area. They had been kept for two weeks by the landowner while attempts were made to find the owner before being surrendered. Reported to Kabega Park Police station. As one has been gelded and adopted out, only one is available for Adoption.

A tense stand off about two ‘stray’ donkeys on a main road was received and turned out to have other benefits. The ‘strays’ weren’t stray and we were able to overcome our difficulties! Now 10 other donkeys will benefit from their carers education and our assistance. Always good to be part of the solution, not the problem!

A concerned equine lover called early on a Saturday morning about a donkey that had come to his gate, asking for help. We duly left with the horsebox and arrived in Humansdorp, only to find that somebody had attempted to geld the jack with a ‘rekkie’! Totally unacceptable in this day and age! The rekkie had not done its job and had left the testicle intact but swollen, infected and obviously painful. We loaded him up and brought him to 9th Avenue Vet Clinic where Dr Hilda gave us permission for antibiotic treatment prior to attempting a correct gelding. The dead and dried up scrotum skin dropped off on the Monday! He was fed up, given electrolytes, carroted to the gunwales and on the Wednesday, a one hour operation ensued. His semiconscious brain was convinced that this was a repeat of the initial ‘crime’ so he fought the anaesthetic, enough for two horses. But all credit to Dr Hilda, after ‘unsticking’ the adhesions, a proper gelding was done! It was very traumatic for the staff and the donkey, but repairs and healing are almost at an end. A Case was opened with SAPS of cruelty, but right now, nobody is claiming the donkey nor can a witness be found to the initial rekkie work. But the word is out there that if this is done, it constitutes a crime and it will be followed up as soon as somebody identifies the criminal. Sweet and very forgiving boy!

In response to our Proposal to them, the Donkey Sanctuary UK sponsored a years worth of ‘donkey work’! Much excitement, especially with the Rate of Exchange at the moment! This money is ring-fenced for harnessing for donkeys and helps enormously with the purchase of cotton webbing and D rings and the replacement of harnessing – You give me yours, I’ll give you mine! Works a treat! Thank You to the Donkey Sanctuary UK for their generosity to not only our Eastern Cape donks, but worldwide. Our much maligned equines deserve every penny they get!

A generous donation of fencing was received from Cape Wire. Long standing ‘family’ contact who still visit the Unit and AWS. Will be used to replace the current tatty fencing to ensure that no stray dogs can get in and get at our sickies or mommies with foals at foot, as has happened in the past.

The participants in the SAACI Amazing Race visited the Unit, running hither and thither with their carroting task. I am reliably informed that it was much enjoyed by all. Thank You!

Jackson brought in three of his donkeys from the township, all three including the jenny with a foal at foot, having been stabbed! All well on the road to recovery. I get SO tired of this!

Isabella and Treloar set up a second hand recycle shop at the SANESA Show at the PE Riding club and were able to assist many purchasers. Well done and Thank You, Isabella and Treloar!

A call from Edward led to us bringing in his recumbent donkey. A visit to 9th Avenue Vet Clinic was in order for this one as there was apparently nothing we could identify. A painkiller was injected and follow up instructions received from Dr Johan. He rallied and improved and then went down one last time, never to get up. We suspect possible whiplash inflicted by a vehicle or a taxi, as his ability to swallow was just not there. Poor child sent on his way humanely for the last time.

And then the taps ran dry, which you will understand is a huge problem for all the animals in our care. But the NMMM Water department reacted quickly with a water bowzer that arrived and filled all the tanks! Thank you, NMMM.

We were so happy when Stanley returned from his much needed Leave – three years of no Leave is not a good thing. So, we sukkelled without him, but we made it! Just!

The next Kwanobuhle donkey was a different thing altogether!! Tetanus! I do not understand why there are so many of these cases from that particular area! Helped on his way!

Then an anxious call from J Bay. Three horses attended to, the stallion having an abscess in his hoof, and the other one, skin had been removed from a piece of his leg, probably by a piece of wire. Instructions given to the owner and Stan and I returned home to a very late supper of Cheesy Chips!

In addition to the careful preparation by Cdr Van den Berg for the SANDF Armed Forces Day, we were presented with some lucerne bales by the SANDF Mounted Unit via Treloar! Grateful and thankful. …and besides the initial gallop around the camp when the first Grippen flew over, the horses ignored the rest of the festivities as did the donks!

From time to time, we are invited to address Church and Civil groups on what the Unit ‘does’. Always a pleasure to spread the word about our activities and sensitise people to what goes on around them and so they get the ‘right’ information. And get a donation too!

The end of the month saw us assisting a group of concerned and affected parties to get two stray horses off a busy road on a Saturday night and again on the Sunday morning. You would only understand my frustration and anger if you had had to euthanase two horses on the New Seaview Road in the past and just how traumatic (and very expensive!) this type of accident can be. So unnecessary! As I said on Facebook, good fences make for good neighbours! Thank you to all who ‘came to the party’ and now the horses are temporarily in a safe place, and so are YOU!

Finally, Stan and Carla went off to Humansdorp to collect a horse foal for rearing after a whole bunch of drama in that area! So far, so good. The milk feed at 5am this morning went better than last night’s 9.30 feed.


Margie – bales lucerne via Feed and Seed

AnnT - Bread via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic

Nola – bags of lucerne sweepings

Ken Hall – the green stuff, money in the Bank account

Leigh - tack via Treloar

FEED N SEED – sweepings

WEBBING PRODUCTS – webbing for our harness making

Chantal - bits

Tracey – F10, buzz off and bucket Iceman

Evan – horseblankets

Prue - fodder sweepings delivered

Alan - lucerne bales and 15 odd pallets.

Alison Whispering Winds – tack via Flo Vernon

The Abbotts - water melons

Anne McLellan – cubes for the Friesians

Roberts - Shandy chaff.

Antoinette Mattheus – grassmix

SANDF Mounted Unit – bales of lucerne

Robyn – grassmix

Mary – cubes and shandy chaff

Karen - tack

NinaR – tack

CassieJ – Generous cash donation into the Bank Account

Raymond R – handsome cash donation into Bank Account

SallyB – bales and bags lucerne

COLIN AND MEGM – 10l water so that when we ‘run out’ of water, there IS water for coffee!


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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