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March 2016


MARCH 2016

Well, that was March 2016 done and dusted. Now to let you know what we did over this past month.

Started off well! We delivered Lady, a township expat, to be a companion to a much loved, older Thoroughbred who had lost his previous donk. All went well, including Lady finding that she was allowed to check out her friend’s nosebag for any missed bits! Happy and settled. Bless you, Abigail.

Our township Cartie, Moses, always thinking ahead phoned to say one of his donks had been stabbed and that he had cleaned it up but could we please come and administer a Penicillin shot. With Pleasure, Moses!

After a hectic couple of days trying to get a surrendered young foal, thin and very poorly to drink from a bucket, Stan and Carla went off to deliver her back to her mummy. Always a chance of rejection after a week, they were very excited to see mama and foal recognize each other and start whiffling at each other. Foal waltzed up to ma and promptly started drinking!! Whew! At the same time, Carla had arranged and bought a bag of Denkavit (expense since reimbursed) and then Tracy stepped in with a bag of Coolstance, and the rest is history as they say. Both ma and foal recovering well, drinking, eating and putting on condition. Owner ecstatic and very thankful that we managed to maintain the foal until she could be reunited with her dam. Naturally, there is the ‘hidden’ side to this story, but that is a story for another day!

A Complaint received via Facebook, hours after the actual occurrence, about a grey Shetland on Cape Road, playing in the morning rush hour traffic. Luckily, he found his way onto a Friend’s farm who kept him for the night, and we collected him in the morning. Well done, Carol! Again, not claimed. Why we cannot be contacted by cellphone at the time completely escapes me!

Some adroit footwork by Carla with the Cartie about her BLACKIE that some kind soul insisted she wanted to buy from the Cartie, led to Blackie finding his new home. Well done, Mary!

On the 3rd, the lights went out with a massive bang of the overhead electricity lines. Sort of woke everybody up quite quickly!

Carla assisted on her way home, a runaway horse all tacked up and with the rider some distance behind on foot. Well done, Carla.

Walmer Cartie Jackson collected his now repaired stabbed jenny with foal at foot and took them home

Sometime during 2015, Jamie tucker visited the Unit and ‘took some shots’ of our activities. And then he went home and put together a delightful video and sent it to us. So, we put it on Facebook. And, wow, the YouTube views and that of our Unit fb page was phe.no.me.nal! Thank you, Jamie!

Part of the ‘job’ is explaining donkey behavioural patterns to adoptors, so explaining why Lady was running around ‘shouting’ and urinating was just part of the process of being in season. It also happens when the jenny is due to foal down and what happens and how it is all part of its own process.

It was great after two months of staff taking leave and days off for weekends on duty, to have a full complement of staff!

We said our farewells to Count Zafonic, Biefman and Blackie during the month, and by all accounts, they are all doing well and are happy as are their adoptors. We also sent our Mutt and Jeff and their new Shetland friend off to Fostership to a safe pair of hands where they will be taught more manners. Our Samson of the botched gelding now currently doing predator control for some dog harassed sheepies. Our precious Bullrun now in a green field faraway with a companion donk to keep him company.

We went to collect what we thought was a preggy jenny but it turned out that she had had her foal without anybody being any the wizer! At the same time, a ‘fighting’ jack was surrendered – with all the scars to prove it. The jenny had major slipper foot and we all felt a lot better when Stanley had done the footwork. Her black foal, that will probably go lighter in colour we have named Scooby Doo and both mom and tot are available for adoption – very sweet.

We did not start the day off well with one of our Available for Adoption Thbs. A sudden thunderstorm overhead at about 7 in the morning obviously was the cause and she managed to try to scalp herself. OMW, Vet’s bill!! She was quite comfy standing in the barn, but the unlucky Vet was left standing doing the stitching out in the rain. Lol! Stitches out now and all’s well.

It was a VERY late start to our Field Trip to Humansdorp where we dewormed 35 horses and 2 donks, 5 had their hooves trimmed. With another 14 horses from a new owner still to do.

We did NOT, however, need to be waaaay to close to a high speed accident on the Gamtoos Hill on the way home. Gave ‘sugar rush’ a new meaning!

Nirvana came to stay and hopefully find a good companion. Sweet child who on his first ride, behaved impeccably.

A worried Patrick brought our Rusty in with a swollen face and that turned out to be a snake bite. And here we were all thinking Summer is gone and Winter is on its way and all the snakes are hibernating. Haha! All better now and back at work.

Various Complaints received this month and a number of Pre Home Checks and Rechecks and call outs. Sjoe, busy, busy.

A very nice Project by Bev and Phillippa was presented as a done – printed T Shirts sold at R125 of which R25 comes to the Unit. What a nice thought and already we are receiving our ‘cut’. Thank you all purchasers!!

And then, because it is Easter where a donkey plays a pivotal role, we were asked to bring a donk to Harvest Christian School’s end of term Fete. So, Daisy did the business with her normal aplomb even when being faced with all the little people each proffering a carrot or two.

Followed by a visit to the Grace Congregational Church in Newton Park on Palm Sunday where although this had never happened to her before, she was brought right into the church and walked down the aisle with children waving Palm branches in front of her and onto the podium where she stood, with a child draped around her neck, like the ‘pro’ she is. Was a lovely occasion that many appreciated. A generous donation has been received.

Dealing with a donkey with dystocia long distance was difficult but she was euthanased before we could do much.

A couple of months ago, a Drought Relief Project was launched in Port Elizabeth for animals dying to the north of us. Five people donated money into the bank Account. It should have been easy, but it was anything else but….. Transport upcountry, off the main highways, was just impossible. And time marched on. Until I put my size 7’s down and said OK we gonna do this! And so, Stan and I loaded 50 bales of grassmix and headed north to Queenstown where SPCA Insp Chissano offloaded. The only problem was that the drought in the meantime had been broken! A 12 hour trip! But then we came good with J Bay Animal Rescue’s Trevel, who had 35 horses belonging to 7 owners all kept on one farm. And so, they got the next 50! The ground in the area is poor and the horses have taken a bashing nutrition wise, but sure that the fodder will help. At the same time of the delivery, we are setting a date for a future Field Trip to deworm and at the right time, vaccinate.

Two donkeys admitted to the Unit, one for dog bites and the other for plastic colic – the first one we have had for quite a while. Both returned home on the last day of the month.

WORLD SPORTS BETTING made a generous arrangement to generate funds for the Unit with Nadine and Dees at a Race Day late in the month. A nice public holiday afternoon, good company, and great idea! Thank you, World Sports Betting!

Being called for a ‘stabbed’ donk that turned out to be hunting dog wounds and being asked to bring a jack in for gelding at the same time, was done and they should return to their owners in due course.

In dealing with one thing we often find ourselves sorting out other problems, like a chained and abandoned by his owner monkey that had now become seriously aggressive. Just knowing who to call and getting the right information and passing it on and introducing one person to another, the matter has been handled in a humane manner. But I do wish people would not take monkeys in as babies as it can become a problem for others when you don’t want it anymore!


Kalma – 2 bags donated tack

SallyB – donated tack

Shearn – donated jodhpurs via Isabella

Saddle Stand - DONATED By Whom???

Treloar – Burbury rainsheet

via Hannes AWS -5 bales lucerne from a wedding he attended!

Mary – 10 grassmix

Ian and Nina – donated household goodies for Auction

Maryna - donated carrots and fed some herself.

Lauren – horseblanket

Robyn – donated tack and she had fun in the various Auctions too

VOLUNTEERS – Robyn and Rae, Philippa, Marie Claire, Isabella, Lauren, Daniella, Celine and Steven, 3 German University students with time on their hands


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit 130154373723168



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