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APRIL 2016


APRIL 2016

Well, here we are almost half way through the year and again, it’s THAT time of the month! Newsletter time where we account for what and how we are using your money to the betterment of ALL equines! Aside from the 19 COMPLAINTS received and investigated and inspections conducted, this is what we have been and gone and done (besides the daily stuff!):

We returned BLACKIE to his Lusaka owner, newly gelded. At the same time we returned ROSY to her owner, a new man in the same area, supplying him with two halters at the same time – her ‘stab wounds’ turned out to be dog bite wounds that were really abrasions and with minimal treatment had healed. On the way to do these deliveries, Stan spotted a broken fence and phoned us to ask us to let the landowner know, before the horses escaped! Done and thanked!

A Walmer township donkey was brought in by another owner on foot because he did not want him fraternizing with his donkeys. When his owner found he was with us, he asked if Stan could return it to him and at the same time do a hoof job on another one of his donks. Done.

Bought 3 new rakes – the donated and bought ones over the years have been and gone and died.

Three of our adopted out donks were spotted by a concerned motorist on Marine Drive. We immediately phoned the Adoptor who was frantically searching for them, and told the very relieved man where they could be found. Sorted!

A new Ruling by the National Horseracing Authority (the old Jockey Club) had horse owners of all sorts in an absolute tizz. Clearly a lot of people were taken by surprise but the ruling has the best interests of the OTTBs (Off the Track Thoroughbreds) at heart. We shall do what we can to assist!

Our lady Cartie from Lusaka phoned to ask for assistance for her lame donkey. Done.

Discussions with a horse owner about her horses’ ‘choke’ problem, the options available, and the advisability of euthanasia. Always a sad thing to discuss but alleviating owners’ concerns is part of the ‘job’.

While thinking about it, I thought I should say that our Facebook page produces amazing results, like when a picture of our ZOGGY was uploaded as he was being ridden ‘double donkey’ by two smallies. The picture had well over 4500 views with many ‘likes’! So, in case you are not on facebook, here is your picture!

Our Moses popped in to see if his donks had arrived at the Unit but they had not. Yet. His request for two new donkey bits readily fulfilled. Caring owner is Moses.

Nicky Grass Roof has been trying to give us a sponsored breakfast since December, and eventually we found the time and space to take up her generous offer. As Stanley was heading north to Transkei he just made the ‘cut’. We delivered two new Collection Tins and brought our now filled Tins home – all the generous donations from satisfied Grass Roof customers. An amount of almost R600 banked in the Unit account. Thank you, Nicky and Grass Roof patrons! A great start to the day!

An East London horse owner on finding two stray underweight horses outside her farm asked for assistance as to what was the right thing to do. We were able to assist and the matter has been resolved to the benefit of the horses and with all legal issues addressed. Well done, Michelle!

Racehorse Trainer, Tara, brought her son to assist with feed up for an hour or two one Saturday. Judging from her pics on Facebook, a thoroughly good time had by all.

A Complaint received from a concerned visitor had Carla and I visiting Addo, only to find that the horse had in fact been ill, had received veterinary treatment and was on the mend from Biliary. Will be monitored.

A number of discussions held over the month dealing with change of circumstances of horse owners and what can be done to assure a proper future for their horses because of the changes.

Our Moses asked us to collect his two lame donkeys for attention and at the same time to bring the ‘paper’ (i-risite - receipt) as he had bought another Carties donkey. At least Moses has got it right and the change of ownership paperwork is safely kept at the office. Now, if everybody else made a contract on transfer of equines we would not have some of the problems that arise.

An owner with a sick dog in Blikkiesdorp, Uitenhage, was referred to SPCA Uitenhage.

A joyful moment for us was delivering Kyla, now known as Blossom, and Scooby Doo/dles to their new home much to the concern of neighbouring horses and resident Jack Russels. Plenty grass for the two of them to munch.

Then we shot off down the coast to visit Princess and Hope, the severely underweight Saddler mare and foal that had been separated but reunited a week later. Now in their new home with a willing and caring owner and groom, both are looking vastly improved, especially after a kind donation of Coolstance to assist with their recovery. They still have a way to go but are on the mend!

While in that area, we popped in at our local Veterinarian to discuss the outcome of the consult about a pony’s eye with a tumour. It has been recommended that an eneucleation be done – the one op that I personally hate! Due to be done in May. Cancer sufferer owner very understanding about what needs to be done.

A bumpy weekend in that on the Saturday afternoon, Rasibe from Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage phoned about his sick donkey. We went to collect the jenny only to find with great relief that is was ‘only’ proud flesh on the fetlock. Admitted and undergoing treatment at the moment. The next day, Sunday afternoon a complaint about a stray Shetland pony that kept on visiting and beating up two Thoroughbreds on an ongoing basis. The only difference now was that he had been contained and this made it easier for Alfred and I to catch and load him. A gelding set up with the owner, now done and returned home.

WORLD SPORTS BETTING sponsored a second Race Day at Fairview. Our Nadine raised money based on the bets she had punted and we were presented with a cheque for R11,777! To top off the afternoon, I was invited by Trainer Sham to lead in one of her winners – first time for everything!

A Complaint of a horse with a ‘fly strike’ fetlock wound that needed help. Carla has assisted the owner and he is happy to take on the grizzly job of getting it healed. Already improved.

And then there was the morning when we had three geldings done at the same time as well as a Proud Flesh Removal. Bodies all over the place. All paid for and returned home.

As I said on the Unit Facebook page, we have not had a Proud Flesh problem for absolutely ages and suddenly we have two in the space of three days. The owner had been told to get veterinary treatment for a Cancerous Tumour but after finding the donkey it was agreed that it was simply – if you can say that at all – Proud Flesh. Treated by our 9th Avenue Vets and now on the mend.

A man from the Northern Areas phoned about the fact that he had too many dogs and 1 cat that he did not want anymore. Transferred to AACL but Inspector Hein of the NMMM Animal Control advised that he would handle it. Thank you, Hein! You are a star!

A Humansdorp donkey owner was quick to phone and ask for euthanasia for a donkey he had found with a broken leg. We were equally quick to phone our Dr Pieter who carried out the ‘work’ pronto. Thank you William and Dr Pieter! No animal should have to wait for euthanasia when it is called for.

Tracy had a wobbly coming down a rural road and finding 4 horses charging down to Sardinia Bay Beach! A quick phone call and Carla and a groom raced off to assist with the round up, while I phoned the owner, who raced out to collect her charges/chargers. Well done all! All safe and sound.

We were able to assist a Transkei Thb owner with his new Thoroughbred horse who was most concerned about his horse’s ‘cold back’. Sorted.

Samuel phoned with a ‘sick’ donkey from Gunguluza, a Uitenhage township. A dose of Epson Salts promptly sorted out the problem and the donkey returned home 4 days later having become ‘unglued’. Well done, Samuel!

Our final Easter Palm Sunday event went off without a hitch at the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Christian church. The celebrants really appreciate our DAISY strutting her stuff and it really is quite a ‘moment’. Thank you, SamS, for your help!

A Transkei equine owner popped into the Tack Recycling Shop and bought himself two horse blankets and a bit for his horses.

Our Moonshine, now 10 months old was weaned from Whitey, his jenny, and is currently letting us all know about it!

TRANSKEI – Stanley has visited Transkei three times in the past month and come back needing a rest! His final visit was at the invitation of Shadow who arranged an information sharing morning with animal owners – goats, pigs, sheep, and equines. Stanley had to brave the crowd but managed to give a well received talk for an hour. Well done, Stan!

Well, all I can say finally is that thank goodness for the Public Holidays and weekends ‘off’ – gives all the staff time to catch up with themselves and recuperate from their very busy, emotional and physical rollercoaster ride that they take on a daily basis. Well done Team!


Lorraine – bridles, blankets, brushes and halters.

Chane – 1 bag Train and Leisure

Nicole - 1 cubes, 2 lucerne and carrots.

MegM - a cat food dispenser for stable cat, Biscuit. (Biscuit delighted!)

Unknown donor – blankets, buckets, ½ bar Tetmasol soap, halters, numnahs, brushes, bandages.

Phillip – beer dregs – not alcoholic and the donkeys just love it!

Pauline – donated dewormers

Feed & Seed – delivered cut grass from their camps and fodder leavings

Marie Claire – a heavy duty dust bin.

SallyB – 1 Equiwash

Jeanette – numnahs and masks.

Robyn - donated lucerne cubes and 4 bales grass.


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Account Number: 080733875

Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)

Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.echcu.co.za Facebook: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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