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August 2016



Well, THAT was a different and difficult month! Just like a lot of other people out there, we have been having fun and games sourcing fodder for our horses and donkeys. Short in supply with matching prices but a doable if you look far enough and if you have good friends in the fodder making world!! And trying to cope with the crazy weather has not been easy either – either freezing and wet or excessively hot!

We went and collected two of our Adopted out horses and they settled in quickly and are currently available for Adoption. It was not an easy one with the weather on the Voting Day being exceedingly wet and windy. Already AHS vaccinated and ready to go!

A tentative enquiry about adopting two donkeys to the Western Cape was discussed with our Dr Z for AHS restrictions. While it is not necessary for donkeys to have AHS vaccinations, they would still need to do the Quarantine thing inside the exclusion zone. This was unfortunate, as they were going to be housed on a magnificent farm with parquet flooring in the barn! Other donkeys sourced closer to home.

Our mare and foal, PRINCESS and HOPE, AHS vaccinated and hoof trimmed. It is incredible how magnificent they have turned out. A real credit to their human who has gone to great lengths to bring them back from the brink of disaster! Well done, again, Elmarie!

Two more gorgeous ex-Racing Thoroughbreds surrendered to the Unit, SNITCH and JAMTIN, and waiting for their human to come and adopt them. As I said yesterday on the Unit fb page, many of the equines that are surrendered/donated to the Unit are not ‘abused’, abandoned or neglected. It is just responsible owners giving them a chance at a ‘second innings’.

A dog owner in Motherwell, because he knows we ‘do’ animals, phoned to ask for help with his dog. We handed the matter over to NMMM Animal Control Officer. But it is nice to know that they know who to phone for help!

Finding very personal ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’, smss on my private cellphone had me going for an entire weekend but was found to be an invitation to come to Fairview Racecourse on Race Day and be presented with a generous donation from the Sham Family, Friends and Patrons. What a nice surprise! Thank you all SO much! (Taken, hook, line and sinker!!!)

Unit horses and donkeys have to endure a regular deworming every three months. Thanks to a generous donation of dewormer from Dr Parker, and with help of all staff, the multitudes got theirs!

A question of what to do with a muti-euthanized horse carcass was dealt with by advising to get the carcass into a horsebox and take it to Enviroserve.

Phonecalls received about horses roaming stray on a country road because of the owners lack of attention to his fences! Keep your animals in. That’s the Municipal Bye Law – your job is to keep your animals in and to keep the neighbours horses out.

Along with a whole herd of our donkeys being fostered and adopted out over the month, our NIRVANA also went to her new home and doting Adoptor. Go well, Nirvana! Lucky for the donkeys, there are humans out there who just love to have them hanging around the kitchen door!

And then there was the other equine, a zebra, that needed the milk recipe.

A lame donkey foal, having been chased by township dogs and falling into a big hole, admitted by his owner. A few days of Iceman sorted that problem out.

Slotting in various non-competitive horses with their AHS vaccinations took some doing as well as the Pre Home Checks, adoptions, fosterings. Even the Monthly Statistics for July took a back seat before being presented to our bosses!

TRANSKEI MISSION – Stanley did a monthly visit to his Transkei horse owners and one of the things that got him going was an incorrectly shod horse leaving it lame. On tasking the owner with the removal of the shoe, he came back to find the man using a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to do the job. Once he had blown his stack, Stan did a ‘proper’ job, leaving the owner with a ‘flea in his ear’! Well done, Stan!

Thanks to AWS groundsmen who replaced a metal tap with a plastic one! This was because Dr Hilda got a very unexpected midday shower when trying to wash her hands! Thank you, AWS, and Dr Hilda!

For anybody looking for second hand tack, there is the Horse and Farrier Shop who are fund raising for the Unit, please note their number! Meegan 0829208656

A Langa Township, Uitenhage donkey was colicky but on collecting him, he was found to have an abdominal hernia as well. They can’t talk so one has to admit for observation after veterinary assessment and in this case, the outcome was a trip over the Rainbow Bridge. The other colicky donkey on the same day has made great progress and is on the up and up.

Towards the end of August, Stan, Carla and Ayanda headed off west to do a Field Trip to visit 20-odd horses and vaccinate and deworm them all facilitated and assisted by Trevel of J Bay Animal Rescue. Quite a rodeo as some of the horses are intractable, but being proper horsepersons, the job was done. Well done, Stan, Carla, Ayanda and Trevel!

A humane euthanasia for a horse with torn inside abdominal muscles arranged as her derms were no longer inside but hanging inside the stomach skin and udder!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION: Olivian, Bezant, Snitch, Crysthal, Jamtin. Pop in for a tryout!

PARTING SHOT: We have attended to a number of Complaints this month, and most other months, but it is very difficult to explain to the public that while we accept the Complaints, NO HORSE IS GOING TO PUT ON 200 KGS OVERNIGHT! Please bear this in mind when you find yourself thinking that ‘nobody is doing anything’!


Jess – tack

Nicola - tack

Ann – bread discards via 9th Avenue Vet Clinic

Cindy – tack

Feed n Seed – tack

Karen – 1/3 bag cubes.

Nicky – a bakkie load of tack

Dorrie – bags of racehorse leavings for the three greys and fodder sweepings for the donks.

Anton – sweepings

Denise - leather strappings

AWS – donation via aws of bag of shavings and 4 kg carrots and a bag of beer dregs

Sabena – ½ grass roll.

Liz – tack

Antoinette – 2 teff rolls.

Beth – tack

VOLUNTEERS – Jani, Laurian and Alexa, a Butler, a Von Haagen and a Jordan, Rika, Tana, Elme, Melissa and Marietha


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit


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