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ECHCU July 2017


JULY 2017

I can’t believe we are already at the end of July, on the downhill slide to December!

Nothing quite like coming in to find a major water leak! If anybody has 100m of 115 mm Polycop water piping, lying around doing nothing and taking up space, we would be very, very happy to give it a home! Can’t stand the waste of water.

Just thinking and in case you did not read to the end of the previous Newsletter: If every single one of our 2100 Facebook ‘likes’ donates a R50 or R!00 for just ONE month, we would have sufficient funds to continue our activities for months to come, without stressing about ‘filthy lucre’ without which we cannot survive, and will be able to meet the needs of so many horses and donkeys. We would be very loathe to curtail our activities! We thank the three kind contributors who reacted to this Appeal!

ALL animal charities have this perennial problem and now it is our turn, as Government and now Lotto are no longer contributing to animal welfare organisations at all. Please give it some thought.

Bank Details: Standard Bank Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit 080733875 branch code 051001

A habitual incursion on Glendore Road of horses, especially in the traffic on that Road, has been escalated to Municipal level thanks to the level of abuse handed out to Staff.

Being kept up to date with the doings of AL CAPPUCHINO always is good.

A visit to our friends in Humansdorp’s Kruisfontein was done on a weekday rather than a weekend as normal because everybody is on school hols and it does not interfere with rugby! 34 horses vaccinated for AHS and dewormed as well, thanks to Adam’s very good organisational skills and the use of the family crush. Some horses resistant, but that did not stop anything from happening. Thank you and well done, Adam!

A stray horse in very bad shape collected from Addo and the right thing done for him. Peace at last.

Jackson from Walmer Township admitted his donkey to the Unit because he found her muzzle swollen. It was agreed that this looked like a snakebite. After treatment she has recovered and is now breathing better and able to eat. Her foal is VERY happy!

Our HARRY and THOMAS admitted for gelding at the cost of the fosterer. Done and returned home forthwith! While the going was good, we had MOJO gelded at the same time.

The stray horse found in Bethelsdorp last month was claimed by his owner, who had all the right details in place. Returned to his home and Pound Fees paid. It turned out somebody had swiped the tether!

Moses’ three donkeys brought themselves in early one morning and were let in by Sally coming to work.

Our RONNIE has moved on to his new ‘job’ of predator control.

LUCKY LUCIANO surrendered after his race career was finished and admitted to the Unit for adoption.

Our current horses received their second AHS vaccination.

A Pre Home Check done for a new Adoptor. All good!

One of our regular customers in Nobuhle called for help for his jenny who had been stabbed. She was brought in but unfortunately one of the stabs had penetrated her abdomen and she developed Peritonitis. She was being treated under Vets Instruction with Penicillin injections and painkiller, but succumbed to her injuries in the end.

On the occasion of Mandela Day we had arranged an ‘event’, a Jail and Bail. Our HEROES, Gino, Samantha, Meg and Nadine made themselves available for Bailing from ‘Jail’ along with our very own PONKY, recent Fire refugee in her specially arranged prison garb. Once the Heroes had been sentenced to an amount of money to be raised for ‘serious crimes’, like falling off a horse, or being drunk and disorderly, they were tasked with ‘phoning a friend’ to come to their aid with bail money. Our Ponky was bailed by BLUE STEEL EQUESTRIAN with a giant donation of cubes so she was very relieved to leave her friends in jail.

We were joined by the representative of the NATIONAL HORSERACING AUTHORITY and PHUMELELA GAMING AND LEISURE, who brought us beautiful winter jackets and platters of finger food that went down very well with the incarcerated Heroes. Donated carrots and apples were fed to the equines in our care much to their delight. A lovely morning was had by all! Thank you to the Heroes and donors that made the morning what it was – very, very good indeed and I am sure our Heroes are gratetful to their friends for bailing them out.

Transkei MissionStan did his ‘normal’ Transkei Mission and attended the very popular Dutywa Races. I know it sounds funny, but every time he returns and gives his written report that goes to the Directors and various other Interested and Affected Parties, I find that every time, there is some improvement in the infrastructure done by the Organisers, much of which has been suggested by Stanley. Well done Stan! I certainly would quail surrounded by 800 horses!! Deworming, hoofwork, distribution of donated tack also done while he was there. All thanks to PHUMELELA GAMING AND LEISURE for funding.

On his return Stan brought in a donkey from Langa, Uitenhage as ‘not eating’. Overworked and weak. RIP.

A long distance day trip to recheck 5 horses conducted.

Followed by a call from a motorist about a horse lying down and was it dead and the owner had not been forthcoming about it. When we arrived the ‘dead’ horse was found to be sleeping in the winter sunshine, with his dam standing nearby.

A totally unhandled and wild pony caught at the request of the new owner and paid for too, loaded and delivered to his new home by Stan, Tom and Koko. Job done.

LADY FROST came back to us to be Adopted Out. Her rider has decided to live in Australia!

A month of ‘all over the place’ again. Complaints, Rechecks, Pre Home Checks, Horses and Donkeys in and out with a little bit of fun thrown in thanks to Tata Madiba! Whew, thank goodness July is done and dusted.


Lorna – donated tack

Julie – tack donation

Treloar – donated tack

Sharon – tack donation

Mary – donated lucerne leavings and mielies

Willeen – donated carrots.

Stacey – donated tack.

Karen donated Carrots, oranges, naartjies.

Tana – money

Helena – donated tack

Lance – donation money

Julia – donation of money

Julia M – donation of sizeable contribution towards funding our activities

Geoff - donation of money

Raymond – donation of money

Alita – donated meds and cubes

Dorrie – fodder

VOLUNTEERS – Sam Wright exercising, Rachel grooming, Pearl and daughter grooming, Karen, Rika, Dana Elme grooming, Cheree and Eugene exercising, Hildegard grooming and carroting,


Banking Details: Standard Bank Current Account Number: 080733875 Universal Branch Code: 051001

Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!) Landline: 041 366 1594 Cellph: 072 357 2505 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fb: East Cape Horse Care Unit



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