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September 2009

Sjoe!!!   What a month!   But not everything was bad stuff – there is good stuff too.  You will find a whole bunch of ‘thank you’s’ too.
It was good to get a visit from Treloar Childs who came to file some donkey hooves and to remove a shoe from one poor donkey mommy who had had it on since pa fell off the Bez Valley bus! I am sure the mare feels happier now.
But the surprising part was that the stand-in groom, Ayanda, showed a lot of interest in the proceedings.   One thing leads to another and the rest, as ‘they’ say, is history.
Ayanda is now training under Treloar to file donkey hooves.  This should make life very different for donkeys and horses in the townships and of course to me.   Obviously severe hoof problems will still be brought in for remedial work, but sometimes a gentle file is all that is required on a donkey hoof to keep everything in line!   The nice thing about him is that he is a genuine ‘nice guy’ and has excellent empathy with the equines that sometimes resist and he readily absorbs information.    I thank Treloar for helping us and Ayanda with our various projects.
A good way to start the month!
Then we had the donkey with the sliced ear.  It was healing but kept on splitting at the bottom end so one afternoon it was berdizzered off by a Vet and it actually looks quite dashing now.  On taking him home, Bylam was so happy to be back that he let the entire neighbourhood know about it and his owner was just as vocal - they were delighted!   This meant a cessation of worried phonecalls from the owner and when I saw him again a few days later he looked just fine.
A regular visitor, Kiara, popped in to purchase some tack and landed up hanging in here for 2 hours, sorting all the tack.   She will soon find that we have been donated a beautiful steel shelving unit on wheels and we have put anything that might interest anyone ‘horsey’ on display and available for purchase.    Thank you Kiara!
Sharon Barclay has been equally committed in her voluntary task of dealing with deep-seated Mud Fever on the piebald pony.   Her ministrations have borne fruit and the pony is looking great and mentally is a very different pony that came in brimming with anger and discomfort.  I think she is actually starting to enjoy her shampoo days, much like me when I go to the hairdresser for a wash and cut!    Thank you Sharon!
Thank you too to Ian Robertson who donated some equine grade Repcillin.  This was to be applied to all the raw spots on the pony to encourage hair growth amongst other things.  To put it mildly, it has done a fine job.   Ian is the agent for Equine Repcillin if anyone needs it!
It was Moses’ turn to be thankful when Thembi, his wonderful donkey mare developed a dose of mastitis.  It certainly was a first for me to get the muti into her, but once I knew what to do, the problem was solved quite quickly – much to the delight of her foal!!
I was able to a certain extent to assist a donkey maiden mare that was rejecting her foal but in the end, things did not have a happy ending.   It would be so nice to ‘win them all’.
The beautiful Prince of Dane was adopted out to his new home.  He was to be so happy to be with his own kind again, instead of with the donks.  He has settled down and we wish him and his adoptor a happy future together. 
A number of strays have made their way by various means to us and have settled in quite nicely, saying ‘hellooooo’ with the other donks to everyone who arrives, whether they have carrots or not.
Hi Q Walmer have given excellent service with sorting out the Carters problems with their tyres even when they are furiously busy.  Punctures are a common problem and sometimes the tyres are just plain finished.  With a donation of old tyres from our friend Karien, Hi Q are quite happy to do the fitting.  Thank you Hi Q and Karien! 
We have received a supply of African Horse Sickness Vaccines so our thanks go to the Thoroughbred Breeders Trust for the donation so that more horses are done prior to the ‘season’.   None of us wants to loose our precious animals.
It was great to attend a full house Centrestage production on music of the 80’s in aide of The Animal Welfare Society.  My money well spent!
And then AWS brought in a calf!  Not our normal stuff, but the new born calf was found on the other side of town and nobody wanted to help him so Animal Welfare stepped in and collected him.   After arranging some raw milk from my friends Bushy Park Farm Dairy to sort him out with colostrum and food for a few days, a willing ‘horsey’ home was found for him.  So thanks to Bushy Park Farm Dairy too!
A number of sales from our Second Hand Tack Shop have bolstered the Bank Account.  Thank you to all contributors!
A panicked owner with a donkey that just could not stand up because she was so heavily pregnant had everyone jumping.    We borrowed a hoist from the Trows of Shadibay and managed with AWS staff to get her up.  But not for long as she went into labour 2 days later!!  And THAT was another story!  The baby that could have possibly been a cross pony/donkey foal was presented all wrong and with extreme difficulty a dead foal was ‘born’.   Mommy donkey was seriously compromised but with some excellent TLC by Nurse Alfred, we have moved on from standing unaided for 10 minutes to 2 hours, then 4 hours, then 10 hours, till we are now at the stage where she can stay up most of the time.  Of course, she is being fed carrots, every donkey’s favourite favourite, and now I am wondering if I will come to work and find a carrot with legs soon!  Thank you to Shadibay for the loan of the hoist, with no complaints at 7.10 on a Sunday morning!!   My personal thanks to the attending Vet who had to grovel in the shavings for 1½ hours to sort out the problem and to Brinleigh Barclay for assisting with feeding.
With all this excitement, I managed to put my back out, but thanks to my Chiropractor, I was soon on the mend – so thank you to Dr Russell as well!
But then it was off to Humansdorp for a Donkey Clinic that turned out to be a Horse Clinic.  AHS Vaccinations and dewormings and minor problems were handled with the help of Michelle – for which I thank her!!  She has even offered to do a spreadsheet to make ‘histories’ easier to follow – I just need the time to get it to her before the next visit!
Two donkeys and a cart were stolen from the legit owner and used to commit a crime, but with the help of Insp Erlank from Walmer Police Station, the matter was quickly resolved.  I took the donkeys into protective custody and Insp Erlank handled the cart.  Thank you, Insp Erlank!
A very relieved and thankful horse owner was directed to where his 2 horses were playing in the traffic on Kragga Kamma Road.  This complaint received at 7.15am on a weekday morning and it just required a phone call to alert him.   It turns out Eskom had cut his fence and failed to notify him or repair the damage!!  He will take the matter further with them.
3 horses that broke out of a property were found and returned to their stamping ground by their relieved owner.  Thank you Kirsten for your call!
And then Boesman, a big Walmer donkey needed attention to his knee.  His owner was very worried as it appeared he had knelt or fallen on something very sharp.  He too is making a good recovery.
A sheep farmer arrived wanting to adopt some donkeys.   I hope this will happen in the new month.
A number of ex Thoroghbred racehorses were identified that are in need of help that will be monitored.
A number of donations of grass cuttings – both dried or wet – meant that the donks had lots of ‘sweeties’ during the month.  Obviously we would not feed it to horses, but to the donks, it is heaven on earth!  Thanks to Stan and Sally!
And so onto the final furlong of the month’s race:  An urgent call after 5 on the 30th (last night) led to a hasty trip to Uitenhage to collect a plastic colic.  Hopefully all will end well!  But that is a story for next month!
Finally, I remember all those many years ago, a Sunday School song and it went something like this – Count your blessings, count them one by one.   Well, I have counted many this month – God bless you all for your support and help when requested.
Have a good one!


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