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July 2012


Again, we landed up being ‘disunited’ at the start of the month of July by the nearby township service non-delivery protests.   This led to the Walmer SAPS members Capt Richardson and WO Hansen and I Patrol’s Bernadette getting involved with helping to get all the equines fed and watered as well as moving our Rory back to Friend Bonita’s camp, again!   All done now we all knew what to do with relative ease.  A donation of carrots of Animal Anti Cruelty League’s Hilary made the medicine go down well for the donkeys and horses, who were clearly confused about the lack of the normal visitors bearing gifts!  Thank you, Deon, Malcolm, Bernadette and of course, Hilary!

To ease matters, Bernadette accompanied the trip down the coast of Ha’Penny to her new adoptive parent, as well as handling over the phone, the facilitation and return of two stray horses and a donkey to their owner.  Thank you Bernadette!  (FYI – I Patrol is a community driven crime prevention activity and they need members to assist in the large Walmer precinct!)

We popped in while in the area to check on our Braveheart and Easter Surprise (adopted out a few months ago) and found that they were happily sorted with Jacob, the resident older donkey, all reacting to being called by Niki and coming to see what was going on as they normally do now.

At the end of the protests, Stanley had the job of collecting a dead donkey from Walmer Township that had been stabbed by a mentally disabled youngster during the riots.  If the donkey had have been alive I would have made a plan to collect him, but did not want to put anybody’s life in danger to collect a dead one.  Donkey owners in an uproar again, and William will be sorting the matter out with the youngster’s parents.    

A visit by Stanley to a Kwazakhele owner revealed that there was a shard of glass in the horses’ frog which he duly removed thereby resolving the problem.

The euthanasia of a Racehorse that had left Racing in February was arranged as the poor horse was so over at both knees and very uncomfortable, it was the kindest thing to do for him.

Second hand tack is still received on a regular basis, including a saddle and tack from Professor Lesley as well as a whole bunch of lever arch files from Maretjie via Michelle that will come in most useful for office paperwork.  Another Michelle was the bearer of tack donations from Woodridge and the Lawsons. Thank you to both Michelle’s – the donations have already been snaffled!

The monthly donkey clinic in Grahamstown was a bit of a non starter due to the National Arts Festival being on, but Welcome was most insistent that we come and when we and he arrived, we found that one of his two donkeys stolen two weeks earlier and that had had an extra long load put onto the donkey’s croup as well as the cart, had abscessed.  Quick sticks, all cleaned up, antibiotic given, Bottle of Epsom Salts water supplied for daily application.

On the way to Grahamstown a call was received about a sick donkey in Motherwell, so on the way home, with a little guidance from the Colonel and WO Andre, I found my way to an old customer,  Jongile (language can be SUCH a problem!).  The donkey did not look very happy so I returned an hour later and brought him in for treatment for colic by the Vet and then admitted to the Unit where she made a rapid recovery and was returned to her owner who was very thankful for the Unit’s assistance.

While busy with the donkey, a very distressed acquaintance had phoned about finding a young Blue Duiker on his plot with a broken leg and was asked to bring it in pronto which he did.  It was very sad to see this poor little thing with a shattered leg and shoulder but the best thing for the animal was done.  Blue Duiker are notorious for their lack of stress level and die very easily when being handled by people.

A ‘complaint’ received of a donkey in a residential area that had been taken into a yard for his own good, was collected by the Unit and brought in.  Although a Facebook notification was ‘put up’ on a number of sites, the donkey remains with us.    Strange?  Do you know somebody who is searching?

And then a call for another sick donkey in Mothrwell and, again with assistance from Motherwell SAPS and the Colonel, donkey found, taken to our Vets, treated for colic, nursed by Unit staff and duly returned to his owner.    It is very gratifying that the donkey owners keep the Unit cellphone number and yell when something is not ‘right’!

After months of treatment with a very kind donation of Miracle Foam by Natalie, Rich’s leg had finally healed from its Proud Flesh.    After a bit of tug-o-war with his owner, he agreed that Rich must stay for the duration until completely healed.  After a bit of veterinary blade work followed by the application of the foam, the Proud Flesh had diminished, and then had healed completely.  Time and patience on all sides was what was required.  Rich is now back at work although he regularly pops in for a chat with his mates and a hellloooooooo to the ladies, and of course breakfast or supper!  Very special boykie!

An all day excursion by Stanley to all the Uitenhage townships, although exhausting, rustled up a few geldings that are required and will be done in the near future.

With a weather warning of rains being forecast, a Facebook appeal was put out by Sarah for a size 42 Rainsuit for Tom, the new groom.  Of course, all the shops we had tried had all sold out after the previous heavy rains.   Thanks to Micaela and Siegfried, the rainsuit was donated and delivered and now we have a dry Tom for which he is very thankful.

I could have done without being caught up in the Scoin shop Robbery while doing the banking though!

In response to an alert, Stanley and Tom went off to collect beautiful cut grass from a Lorraine Public Open space, only to get stuck in a hole in the pouring rain.  Two hours later, after much pulling and pushing with the other bakkie, we were all very, very wet, but it was worth it because the equines really enjoyed it and made short work of it!  Pity that we picked up colds!

We found early on Saturday morning after the heavy rains and high winds of the previous day and night, that the huge Australian Gum Tree in the Girls Nursery/Hospital camp had just leaned over, smashing to matchsticks the shelter next to it, and wrecking two fences.   The tree was sliced and diced the next day and removed.  The shelter, however, will take a bit of time to fix, requiring new roofing and a couple of poles.  Luckily Rory, Prins and Johnson’s sick jenny with foal at foot, came through unscathed.   Our Friend Jan has come and had a look at the tree stump that is preventing us from ‘moving on’, and will return at a later stage with his machines and complete the job.

I need to say here that since the inception of the channels through the camps, initiated firstly by Chris and then defined and improved by Jan, our camps as well as AWS’s cats, in the heaviest rains, remain to be the most exciting to watch in action.   So, although the ground gets soft and porridgey, there are no knee deep dams forming like they used to! 

At the request of the owner, the Unit paid a visit to two horses in Jacksonville, only to find that the mare’s ringbone was causing discomfort but after discussion, the owner  indicated that, as he loved her he would just keep her as a pet, until such time as he called us in when he had made a final decision about her future.  Her yearling foal is just gorgeous.

The Elsen Academy visited on the morning of the Mandela 67 Minutes day, and had a joyous time feeding and petting all the donks and horses including the cats Liquorice, Ting Ting and Biscuit.   Followed by Sam and Lauren from Boomtown and Sharon who groomed all the bigger equines. Thank you, Ladies!

A Walmer township Carter asked that we collect his pregnant mare so that she can foal down in safety.

We bought the latest Norton Anti Virus program that will ensure that we don’t give you a virus with your email!

A request for the Unit to collect a Surrendered Thoroughbred from down the coast was complied with.  Dancer currently keeping Pythagoras company – they took to each other straight away!  Both available for adoption.

Animal Anti Cruelty League asked the Unit, on its next trip, to deliver excess dog beds to SPCA Humansdorp and accepted by Claudette.  Done.  Tick^.

Due to excess rain in Port Elizabeth, it was decided by the organisers to postpone the third and final SOS Trail Run in the Baakens River Valley.  Now to be held on the 25th August 2012 at 8am, starting from Triangle Sports (in the Ironman building on Main Road, Walmer).  Still time to get an entry in!  And Dawn in taking orders for the T Shirts – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Old and new customers, both horses and donkeys and owners, in Humansdorp, all sorted, dewormed, supplied with your donated halters, bits, dip etc.   A new inspection of a Thoroughbred plus recheck on a whole wodge of others took up most of the day.

The Highveld Horse Care Unit has become very involved in the poor state of affairs of equines in Lesotho.  It was decided by the Directors that the ECHCU give a donation to HHCU towards fodder for them to take on their six weekly trip to that country, where by all accounts, they are making great headway with the people and their horses.   Should you wish to add to our donation, you are requested to deposit the money into the bank account at the end of this letter, using the Reference LESOTHO and the money will be transferred to the HHCU for fodder purchases.

A stray horse in Theescombe causing havoc with other horses was brought in, only to have a very shocked owner visit to identify and claim her animal.  Tick^.

A young donkey was uplifted and taken to our Vets suffering from dehydration.  Having a jenny that had weaned her early and also scoffed any feed given, had meant that Nina was in a bad way.  We had hoped that the drips and vitamins, plus extra treats and hand feeding would pull her through, but I believe her heart just gave up and she died overnight.  Thank you to Sarah for grooming her and feeding her lucerne sarmies, carrots and apples.

At the same time, a donkey that had managed to strangle himself with his rope was collected from the township and both taken to Kragga Kamma Game Park.   

An Inspection led to meeting up with old equine friends and was most enjoyable.  Little did we know what would come our way the next day.

Rory and Prins had been adopted out to a lovely home nearby three days earlier.  But then we got the phone call that something was not right with our Rory.   He and Prins had settled in well and adoptive parents and children were just loving them.   Rory was collected by the Unit and hurried to the Vets Rooms and treated for colic and cynanchum.  He was brought in to Stables and although he appeared bright and knew ‘his’ old stable, it was downhill all the way, and now included what appeared to be a twisted gut.  With mangled hearts and emotions for the new adoptors and all Unit staff, it was decided that the final solution should be taken.   We, the public, the Unit and worldwide friends, had all worked too hard when he first came in to us as an orphan, to let him suffer extended insurmountable pain and suffering.  Thank you to Dr Charles and Dr Hilda for their commitment to our precious boy who made so many people happy.   Farewell , my child.

Banking Details:
Bank:  Standard Bank    Universal Branch Code:  051001
Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit (all donated monies are used by us in the Metro and beyond!)
Account Number: 080733875
Landline:  041 366 1594
Cellph: 072 357 2505
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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